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Prills Plus Bath/Drinking Water Bead Bag (2 lbs)

Prills Plus Bath/Drinking Water Bead Bag (2 lbs)

Prills Plus Bath/Drinking Water Bead Bag (2 lbs)

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Availability: In stock


Availability: In stock

Quick Overview

Prill Beads are an all-natural organic energy enhanced water purifier and...



...reconditioner that restructures drinking water on a cellular level to fully refresh, hydrate and revive the body. The human body is mostly water; newborns babies are 95% water, adults are 75% and elders are 65%. Clinical studies prove that the quality of water one consumes directly affects the status of physical state. Prill works by both altering water 's surface tension and chemical bonding to remove heavy metals and toxins that we ingest from water supplies, household and industrial chemicals and food pesticides and additives. As an elixir, Prill’s super hydrating waters flush toxins in cell structures.

Initially, use Prill treated waters moderately with a gradual increase of intake. This allows the body to adjust and flush the toxic build-up in a manner that is tolerable by the user . After the first month or so, decrease use and drink intuitively in moderation on an ‘as need to use’ basis in order to flush new toxin exposures. Drinkers of super hydrating Prill waters report feeling alive and refreshed with clarity of thought and strength of mobility.

Directions: Prior to initial use discard the plastic bag. Rinse the Prills for 3-5 minutes with cold water. Put the Prills into a 1 gallon glass jug (like an apple cider jug or a sun tea jar). If the bag will not fit into the jar's opening, cut the bag and pour the Prills in loose. Fill the jug with water and let sit for 24 hours. Pour up to 3 quarts of Prills water to drink, use for cooking, water plants, et cetera. Refill jug. Wait at least 1 hour and repeat as desired.

Note: Refrigeration is not required. If water is not used within a few weeks, a metallic taste may be noticeable. Dump the water and start the curing process again if this occurs. Variation in prill bead color is normal and part of the manufacturing process. A single bag can be used to treat up to 1000 gallons of water.

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