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Self-Evaluation – Tools to Assist in Understanding the "Warning Signs" and Evaluating the Symptoms of Health Issues.

  • Subtle and, sometimes bold, warnings that your body gives you about impending ill health is the first step toward vital health.
  • Pain is an indication that your body is in some form of crisis.
  • Your bowel movements are a clear indicator of your intestinal health.

In this category you will find information to assist you in evaluating the critical messages your body is sending you.  In addition, if we can read our symptoms and evaluate our conditions, we can better understand our overall health.  The Wolfe Clinic encourages individuals to review these important Self-Evaluation tests and guidelines.

Visit The Wolfe Clinic for more Self-Evaluation information and tools.

Please review and complete this checklist prior to your consultation to ensure that all of your health concerns can be discussed. Have your prepared list with you during your session

If you are aware of the warning signals, (the "little" symptoms), that can lead to larger health problems, you can avoid serious and, sometimes chronic, illnesses. Prevention is always the best action to take.