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Products are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours after an order is received.  If this timeframe falls on a weekend or a statutory holiday, the shipping will be fulfilled on the next business day.

Out of Stock Items – Back Ordered Items

If an item(s) is not currently in stock; the purchaser we will be contacted to confirm if they wish a refund for the item(s) or if they would consent to placing their order on a “Back Ordered” status.  The customer will be notified when the item(s) are available and the shipping of the order has been fulfilled.

Currently Unavailable from the Manufacturer

Items that are not available from the Manufacturer will show a status of Currently Unavailable.  Customers are encouraged to contact The Wolfe Clinic or to check the websites to confirm the availability of the item.

For further assistance with this process, please contact The Wolfe Clinic at 1-877-359-6950 or 423-521-4070 - Monday thru Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm EST.

International Shipping

Orders shipped to Canada will be shipped via FedEx International unless USPS is requested. Shipments to Australia are only shipped via USPS; no other shipping options are available.

If your shipment is unable to be delivered to you for any reason or you refuse to accept a shipment, we will not issue a refund or pay for the products to be returned to us. Shipping via FedEx allows for door-to-door delivery, but note that you may receive an invoice at a later date for the customs, duties, and taxes that you would have had to pay at the customs office.