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Theta Pet Vitality

Theta Pet Vitality

Theta Pet Vitality

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Availability: In stock

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Quick Overview

Pet Vitality once a day - for a long, healthy life for your loyal and unconditional best friends!



Homeopathic breakthroughs in animal healthcare and nutrition, combined with a new process and delivery system offer today’s pets longer life expectancy, grater disease resistance to disease and ailments, brighter eyes and coats and more energy to spend with their favorite people and friends.

Theta Pet Vitality brings all these benefits to your pets! It’s an affordable, easy-to-use supplement solution that’s safe for any pet you can think of – dogs, cats, birds, even humans can drink it!

Each 16 oz bottle is abut a 1-month supply, depending on your pet’s size and thirst. Also available in 32 oz and 1 gallon bottles.

How do you administer Pet Vitality? Simply apply two squirts from the bottle into your pet’s water dish each time you fill it. Some users have reported seeing improvement in their pet’s health in only a few weeks.

All About Pet Vitality

Pet Vitality provides amazing benefits for pets of any age. The formula protects healthy pets and benefits aging pets. It includes a plethora of minerals, amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, and metabolic enzymes that go quickly and directly to the cellular level.

It’s been said that there’s only one disease known to mankind, but it has a thousand names. It’s the disease of too many toxins of in the body and too few nutrients reaching the cells. Pet Vitality addresses both issues at the same time. It supplies the needed oxygenation – without which cellular detoxification can’t take place – and over 120 trace nutrients to feed the cells.

Pet Vitality offers a dramatic boost in energy and concentration levels, as well as ongoing strengthening of the immune system. It rapidly kills bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites without harming beneficial microorganisms needed by the body.

Pet Vitality even enhances the bio-availability of other supplements that are taken within the same 24-hour period, sometimes as much as 3x-5x the strength. Not only that, it enhances the absorption of pharmaceutical medications. There are no substances that are incompatible with Pet Vitality.

Lastly, Pet Vitality will release oxygen that is negatively charged, and time release in chain reaction so no free radicals are produced. In fact, the negatively charged oxygen molecules will bond with any free radicals (which are often created by so-called “oxygen products”) that are present in the body and convert them to safe, stabilized oxygen molecules.


Distilled water and 99.8% pure minerals as per label.

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